Instructor-Led SketchUp Training for 3D drawing and modeling in San Diego

  • Hands-on, instructor-led SketchUp training classes in training centers across the US

  • Real-world, professional training on the easiest to use 2D and 3D drawing tool available

  • Online training in a virtual classroom (led by a live instructor) and onsite training for corporate clients also available

  • A trusted Certified and Authorized Training Partner with top software companies such as Adobe since 1996

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Official SketchUp Training

We've built an official training class on SketchUp with the support of SketchUp product experts.
You won't find this level of quality instruction anywhere else.

Autodesk Revit Training
  • Step-by-Step Instruction That's Hands-on

    Our classes are live and led by instructors experienced in creating and rendering images. There's plenty of room for exploration and experimentation, and we make sure your questions are answered. Your instructor is a coach, a mentor and a guide, who shares from years of drawing and modeling with 2D and 3D software.

  • Learn in an Ideal Environment

    Our training centers are designed to maximize your learning experience so you can capture all the skills you need. Comfort and convenience for our students are top priority. You'll see exactly what the instructor is doing because you'll have a copy of his monitor right next to yours. Plus, we keep class sizes small so you get plenty of one-on-one support and feedback.

  • Award Winning Expert Instructors

    We know that an experienced trainer and solid instruction will accelerate your learning. That's why we only have trainers who are certified at an expert level. Each class is closely monitored for 100% customer satisfaction.

Official SketchUp Training for All Skill Levels

If you're new to SketchUp or want an easier way to create designs, we've got you covered. It's used by engineers, architects, woodworkers, gamers, and many other professionals. Particularly those who want an easy and low cost way of transitioning to 3D designs.

We'll make sure you have the basics down for creating designs such as office layouts or floor plans, architectural blueprints, landscapes, urban planning, and much more. All through SketchUp.

    Training Program Includes:
  • Creating Basic Geometry
  • Creating Concentric Surfaces
  • Mastering the Rotate Tool
  • and much more...
Framemaker Overview

Why Ledet Training For SketchUp

We teach the cool stuff.

Training for the Real World

Knowing how SketchUp works is completely different from applying it in real world situations that demand excellence. Our top experts are ready to share their tips and techniques that will make a difference in your career. We want you to shine.

Hands-On Training

Watch and do at the same time what is being taught. Our trainers realize it's not about showing off their deep skillset and creative talent. It's about how much you know and are capable of doing yourself when you leave class.

Regularly Scheduled & Convenient

SketchUp training classes are offered monthly in our permanent training centers (in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Houston, San Diego and Washington DC), as well as online in our Virtual Classroom (delivered with Citrix GoToTraining).

Learn New Features

Our training always contains the latest in features and software updates. You don't have to interpret instructions from outdated courseware or learn steps that are no longer applicable. Instead you get cutting-edge information to help you lead the pack.

Official Courseware

Class lessons are designed by SketchUp product experts to help you learn the features of the software quickly and easily. Official courseware and training files are included in every training package so you can continue to experiment and further develop your expertise.

Attendee Recognition

All attendees get a certificate of attendance that presents your completion of an official SketchUp training class. For clients desiring further professional certification, contact us to learn what is available.

What You'll Learn With Us

SketchUp 101

  • Creating Basic Geometry
  • Creating Surfaces From Polygons
  • Understanding Stickiness In 3D
  • Drawing In 3D Using The Pencil Tool
  • Generating Forms Quickly
  • Creating Concentric Surfaces
  • Mirroring in SketchUp
  • Display Options And Styles
  • Mastering the Rotate Tool
in many cities

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What's New with SketchUp

Classroom Training is the best way to keep up with SketchUp's rapid rate of change and advancement.
Expert Instructors
Real World Training
Learn The Latest Techniques

SketchUp Training

Learn about SketchUp, the easiest tool available for 2D and 3D modeling for all professionals.


Valued clients include large companies of thousands and small businesses of less than ten. Non-profits, educational institutions and government agencies also trust us to train their team.
  • Boeing
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Comcast
  • Disney
  • FedEx
  • Intel

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