After Effects training classes in Washington DC

  • One of Adobe's oldest and most trusted training partners

  • Hands-on, instructor led classes in our training center in Washington DC

  • Online training in a virtual classroom (led by a live instructor) also available.

  • Onsite training (at your location) available for corporate clients.

  • Real World, Professional training on Adobe's industry-leading animation and creative compositing software.

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Official Adobe After Effects Training

Ledet Training Courses are part of the official training series for Adobe After Effects software, developed with the support of Adobe product experts.

  • Step-by-Step instruction

    In your training class, you'll be led by an experienced instructor through creating specific projects, although there's plenty of room for exploration and experimentation. Your instructor is a coach, a mentor and a guide, there to help you learn in a manner that's fun as well as informative.

  • Learn in an ideal environment

    Often the biggest problem with self-study is finding the time and place to do it. Many people who get started learning Adobe After Effects, never complete their plans. By scheduling a training class in our top-notch training center, you can make absolutely sure you gain the skills you need.

Adobe After Effects Training for all skill levels

If you're new to Adobe After Effects, you'll learn the fundamental concepts and features you'll need to create top-notch motion graphics. And if you've been using Adobe After Effects for a while, you'll find our training programs teach many advanced features and concepts.

  • Learn broadcast and web techniques

    After Effects provides a comprehensive set of 2D and 3D tools for compositing, animation, and effects that motion-graphics professionals, visual effects artists, web designers, and film and video professionals need.

  • Award Winning Expert Instructors

    Our trainers are certified as expert level instructors by Adobe. Each class is closely monitored by Adobe for 100% customer satisfaction using Adobe's Metrics That Matter platform.

After Effects Totem

Ledet/Adobe After Effects Training Classes

We teach the cool stuff.

Learn New Features

Classes cover the latest new features of Adobe After Effects like Cinema 4D compatibility, Premiere Pro Interchange, and the Advanced Spill Suppressor.

Real-World Classes

Training is chock-full of extra information on how to work effectively in Adobe After Effects in a post-production or broadcast workflow. Throughout your class, you'll get tips and techniques developed by some of Adobe's top experts.

Regularly Scheduled & Convenient

After Effects training classes are offered monthly in our permanent training center in Houston as well as online in our Virtual Classroom (delivered with Citrix GotoTraining). For our corporate clients, we can schedule onsite training classes at your location.

Professionally Designed Projects

Class lessons are designed by Adobe product experts to help you learn the features of Adobe After Effects quickly and easily. Official Adobe courseware and training files are provided so you can continue to learn and experiment as you further develop your expertise.

Hands-On Training

Most people learn best by doing things themselves. Our trainers realize it's not about showing off their deep skillset and creative talent. It's about how much much you know and are capable of doing yourself when you leave class.

Recognition by Adobe

All attendees get a certificate of attendance from Adobe demonstrating completion of an official Adobe Authorized After Effects training class. For clients desiring further professional certification, testing as an Adobe Certified Expert is available.

After Effects Training Packages

Contact a client care representative to get an After Effects software training package customized for you.

After Effects Introduction

Learn After Effects Foundations
  • Number of Days
  • Animating Layers
  • Working With Masks
  • Using Puppet Tools
  • Using Roto Tools
  • Rendering and Outputting
  • Plus much, much more ....

Advanced After Effects

Take your After Effects skills deeper
  • Number of Days
  • Compositing Techniques
  • Project Optimization
  • Color Correction
  • Effective Motion Tracking
  • Expressions
  • Plus much, much more ....

Video Tools Boot Camp

Master Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Number of Days
  • Learn Adobe Premiere and After Effects in 1 week
  • Essentials of Video Editing
  • Transitions and Timeline Management
  • Gain awesome video skills
  • Plus much, much more ....

3 Minute Video on After Effects

Classroom Training is the best way to keep up with Adobe After Effect's rapid rate of change and advancement.
Expert Instructors
Real World Training
Learn The Latest Techniques

Adobe After Effects Training

Learn about After Effects, the industry-standard tool for video compositing, motion graphics design, and animation.


Valued clients include large companies of thousands and small businesses of less than ten. Non-profits, educational institutions and government agencies also trust us to train their team.
  • Hallmark
  • National Geographic
  • Quebecor

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